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      1.    Market situation On Jan.1




        Tel: +86 0311-86683938
        Fax: +86 0311-86682938
        Plant Add: North industry in Wuji county area,Shijiazhuang,China
        Head office Add: 2701 NO.336 HEPING EASTRD,SHIJIAZHUANG P.R.CHINA
        Headoffice E-mail:  furfurals@163.comfuranss@163.com

        Http://  www.fanghege.com



             Hebei Furan International Co,Ltd is a Producing and Trading integration enterprise who holding her plural patterns management and international operation. With the high quality products serials of  FURFURAL, FURFURYL ALCOHOL and FURAN RESIN, she is widely known by the world .
        The annual production of the article: Furfural 25000Mts, FURFURYL ALCOHOL 20000 Mts and 15000 Mts f   
          Current Position: >> Home >> Products center 

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